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Would you like to live a memorable holiday? Sightseeting tours to discover the Calabria region will give a special touch to your holiday.

Parghelia situated next to the famous town of Tropea, and sits on one of the most wonderful seacoasts of Calabria, which includes golden sandy beaches, and small bays with beautiful rocks and sands. One of the most picturesque landmarks is that of “La Pizzuta” where stands a rock formation called “Lo scoglio del palombaro”. Parghelia presents some medieval views of remarkable beauty, such as traces of the old town, which are found again in the stately buildings that have withstood the strong earthquakes in Parghelia, like many other  bordering towns, was concerned in 1783 and 1905. In terms of natural, interesting to visit are the majestic cliffs called ” pizzuta” and the beautiful hills ” Felos Florio” artistically, the church S. Maria di Portosalvo, where there are paintings of the Neapolitan school and Salimene school.

Tropea – Capo Vaticano. 

Tropea, the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the village that never sleeps and that surprises for its beauty and for its location, almost suspended between sky and sea. The 11th century Romanesque cathedral is the most appreciated of all Tropea’s buildings. It retains all the marks of successive cultures and ages during and after the Norman rule in the region. The city stands 50 metres above sea level and actually sits on a natural rock formation. The city centre dates back to the 17th century with cobbled narrow streets and original buildings.
Typical product of the city is “Cipolla rossa di Tropea” ( red onion of Tropea)  famous for its  sweet and delicate taste .
At the far end of this part of  Calabria  there is Capo Vaticano, that  is considered one of the breathtaking panoramic coasts of the region. It is characterised by an area with small bays and sandy beaches, with the coast being rich in natural greenery, wild flowers and trees. Some of the places to visit are: Santa Maria, Formicoli, and Baia di Riaci.

Pizzo is a very picturesque city situated by the sea on the coast of S. Eufemia.
The town was founded during the early Middle Ages the Joachim Murat castle,
The Church of St.George with Baroque styling has inside a wooden Crucifix from the 17th century and various other statues from the 16th century including the statue of S.Giovanni Battista attributed to Pietro Bernini.

Pizzo is also famous for the local ice cream ” Tartufo”

It is an important tourist center of the coast Viola, named for the color which the waters assume at certain hours of the day. Among the Attractions the harbor, the castle, several churches but especially the fishermen’s quarter , consisting of small alleys, narrow staircases and many small old fountain. The houses are washed by sea water in times of calm, but when the waves swell, the sea invading the houses, sweeping and dragging everything.

Reggio Calabria
Reggio Calabria was certainly one of the first Greek colonies in Italy. Among the attractions not to be missed are the famous Bronze Statues, two Greek statues of the fifth century AC descovered from the bottom of the Ionian Sea in the 1972. You can admire them in the important National Museum in Corso Garibaldi with also a wonderful collection of Hellenistic artifacts. Definitely do not miss a walk along the waterfront of the city considered certainly  “one of the most beautiful in Europe”.

Isole Eolie
The Aeolian Islands are a volcanic in origin archipelago located just a few miles off the coast of Calabria in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Seven little volcanic islands surrounded by a warm and deep sea. Holiday planning offers the chance of an extraordinary range of ideas in a natural and largely untouched environment: the main island Lipari, the green landscapes of Salina, the wild nature of Alicudi and Filicudi, the sophisticated Panarea, the charming Vulcano and Stromboli, one of the most active volcanoes on the planet that’s erupted almost continuously for the last 2,000 years.


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